All Med Medical Group Brings State-of-the-Art Ultrasound to the Bronx!

All Med Medical is at the forefront of brining new advanced technology to its patient base in the Bronx. All Med is one of the first medical groups in the country to bring advanced ultrasound equipment and one of the first to deploy live integrated teleultraound.

Real-time collaboration can make a difference for some patients – when making rounds, in your clinic, or at a community scanning event. Lumify with Reacts capability allows you to simultaneously stream live ultrasound images, video and audio, providing the critical, real-time information you are seeing with other experts, and get their feedback in real time. It’s collaboration that can make a real difference in patient care.

Now using this technology as stated from Dr. Beira, Medical Director of All Med, “we can store and review patient exams and images right from our compatible smartphone or android device. With the ability to share results by email, DICOM, or to a shared network, Lumify enables us to easily collaborate and manage images both on and off a portable MSK ultrasound device. Truly excited to have some of the latest technology and to offer to our patient base at All Med Medical Group.”