When you’re an All Med Medical Group patient, you are assigned a dedicated Care Team, led by your primary care physician. Your Care Team customizes your experience and ensures consistent, coordinated care no matter where you are in our practice. Most importantly, you get the resources and benefits of a large practice, with the intimacy of personalized attention.

Your doctor oversees your care, supported by a team that typically includes:

  • A patient services representative, who will help coordinate appointments and make sure your patient records are up-to-date
  • A medical assistant, who will take your vitals and guide you through your office visit
  • A nurse, who may provide more advanced care, such as drawing blood, giving shots and overseeing other screenings or tests.
  • Before your doctor’s appointment, your Care Team “huddles” to review your medical history and prepare for your visit. That way, you’re able to make the most of your time with us.

All of your medical and health information is securely stored in our electronic medical records system, which allows your Care Team to provide you seamless care. Your medical records—including your health history, medications, test results and other specialty care—are accessible to other doctors and specialists in All Med. This means we always have the full, accurate story of you and ensures that you receive the best possible care. Plus, you don’t need to fill out additional forms every time you see a new healthcare provider!

Convenient, connected, compassionate care—that’s our commitment to you. That’s health to a higher standard!