All Med Medical Group Announces its Latest Expansion

All Med Medical Group has expanded rapidly in 2018 and – “its need for additional space and location will not stop here” says Barbara Gomez, Director and Administrator of the Group. The approach they are taking here – is we can have better health, better care, and lower costs – that is the big gain. The answer to so much of what we need to do in health care is going on right here and All Med Medical Group is pioneering the path forward in health care in the United States. Today is one more step forward on that journey. All Med Medical Group has taken on an additional 1,700 square feet in the same building to expand its services to the community. It now offers over 15 different specialties to the community. The Pain Management and Behavioral Health Services (Psychiatry and Psychology) Department will move to the 3rd Floor of 4377 Bronx Blvd. The new space will be open in mid-January of 2019.

All Med continues its vision and mission we are not just delivering health care services here says Glenn Polansky, President and CEO of All Med – we are in the quality of life business – that’s what we do. We look to make a difference in quality, service and cost.”