All Med Medical is at the forefront of brining new advanced technology to its patient base in the Bronx. All Med is one of the first medical groups in the country to bring advanced ultrasound equipment and one of the first to deploy live integrated teleultraound.

Real-time collaboration can make a difference for some patients – when making rounds, in your clinic, or at a community scanning event. Lumify with Reacts capability allows you to simultaneously stream live ultrasound images, video and audio, providing the critical, real-time information you are seeing with other experts, and get their feedback in real time. It’s collaboration that can make a real difference in patient care.

Now using this technology as stated from Dr. Beira, Medical Director of All Med, “we can store and review patient exams and images right from our compatible smartphone or android device. With the ability to share results by email, DICOM, or to a shared network, Lumify enables us to easily collaborate and manage images both on and off a portable MSK ultrasound device. Truly excited to have some of the latest technology and to offer to our patient base at All Med Medical Group.”

All Med Medical Group has expanded rapidly in 2018 and – “its need for additional space and location will not stop here” says Barbara Gomez, Director and Administrator of the Group. The approach they are taking here – is we can have better health, better care, and lower costs – that is the big gain. The answer to so much of what we need to do in health care is going on right here and All Med Medical Group is pioneering the path forward in health care in the United States. Today is one more step forward on that journey. All Med Medical Group has taken on an additional 1,700 square feet in the same building to expand its services to the community. It now offers over 15 different specialties to the community. The Pain Management and Behavioral Health Services (Psychiatry and Psychology) Department will move to the 3rd Floor of 4377 Bronx Blvd. The new space will be open in mid-January of 2019.

All Med continues its vision and mission we are not just delivering health care services here says Glenn Polansky, President and CEO of All Med – we are in the quality of life business – that’s what we do. We look to make a difference in quality, service and cost.”

All Med Medical Group is excited to announce its newest addition to the All Med Medical Group Family – Dr. Jeff Gardere. Dr. Jeff is one of the most widely sought-after experts in the field of mental health. In addition to having a private practice, he is an Assistant Professor and Course Director of Behavioral Medicine at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York City.

Dr. Jeff Gardere, better known as “America’s Psychologist”, is also a prolific author of four books and a contributing author of a half-dozen books including the brand-new text, “The Causes of Autism.”

In addition to being a respected academician, Dr. Jeff has been a contributor to the FOX Network, the Today Show, MSNBC, and CNN.

Dr. Jeff was the host of VH1’s Dad Camp, and recently was the psychologist on The Housewives of Atlanta. This season he is the principle psychologist on: another Housewives show (a secret till air time), For My Man on TV one, Celebrity Damage Control and They Got Away With It on the Reelz Channel. He is also the aftercare coordinator and psychologist for the syndicated shows; Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, and Couples Court with the Cutlers.

Dr. Jeff is a proud and vital older person who has made it his mission to enjoy his golden years with vitality, health and happiness. His mission is to advocate for and assist senior persons in attaining optimal health and quality living.

Dr. Jeff has joined AllMed Medical and Rehabilitation Center in the Bronx, NY, order to pursue his greatest passion; assisting the underserved in our inner city communities.

All Med Medical Group announces its next development by opening up its next cutting edge medical facility in the South Bronx. All Med is changing the face of health care, not simply locally but the health plans are noticing the same manta: “Better care, better health, lower costs.” All Med is building its latest site in the South Bronx that will be a state of the art center with primary care, specialty care, infusion therapy along with occupational and physical therapy. This new 4,600 square feet is just another example to expand its services to the community where high quality care is desperately needed. Patients are seeing the difference in the Bronx, said Barbara Gomez, Administrator and Director of All Med. “We are getting a reputation for quality health care in New York. Patients no longer have to run into the city for high quality care – we deliver and bring some of the best physicians right here to All Med Medical Group.”

Health Plans are taking notice and All Med Medical is being noticed as one of the most effective efficient practices in the State of New York. Glenn Polansky the President and CEO said, “we are being asked to expand not only in the Bronx but throughout the state as we have been able to demonstrate high quality care, higher patient satisfaction and lower costs and the South Bronx is an example of that from pressure from the plans to expand into that area.”